Litigation Support and Legal Services

Legal Investigator and Process Server

Specialized Investigative Support, a Tampa Bay Florida Private Investigation Firm, provides law firms with investigative and information gathering services so they in turn can provide their clients successful representation.  From civil and criminal trial preparation to information verification, we obtain the facts attorneys need in both civil and criminal proceedings. 

We produce verified and dependable information, strong evidence, and comprehensible reports.

Our investigators can assist you with witness locates, interviews, surveillance, informational research or other special projects.  With every case we strive to get the most accurate information in the timeliest manner. 


  • Criminal Defense Investigations

    Criminal Defense Investigations, Tampa Private InvestigatorsOur Investigators are experienced at detecting issues of credibility and identifying other inconsistencies that could be used to illustrate grounds for reasonable doubt.


  • Insurance Investigation Personal Injury

    Insurance Investigation for Litigation Tampa Private InvestigatorsSpecialized Investigative Support is uniquely positioned to be of significant benefit to the Plaintiff’s Attorney in any Insurance related investigation. 



  • Scene Investigation

    Photographs, measurements, diagrams and samples taken and secured by trained and experienced investigators.  We will also search for and secure, if found, any other evidence specified by the client.

  • Statements

    All statements, written or recorded, are preceded by a thorough interview of the suspect, victim, witness or other person having knowledge germane to the investigation to ensure the inclusion of all relevant information in a systematized manner. 

  • Asset Search

    Asset Search Tampa Private InvestigatorsOur Investigators utilize commercial databases exclusive to professional organizations.  Our sources are updated daily to provide the most current and reliable information available.


  • Child Custody Investigations

    Child Custody Investigations Tampa Private InvestigatorsOur investigation helps answer important questions that can affect the outcome of a Child Custody dispute. 



  • Personal injury

    Our Investigators aggressively pursue all sources of potential liability from the obvious to the obscure.

  • Product Liability

    Specialized Investigative Support private detectives are trained to identify and document evidence of a manufacture’s failure to comply with any step of this engineering and design philosophy. Our investigation can have a significant affect on the outcome of a complex Product Liability case.

  • Worker's Compensation

    Worker's Compensation Investigation, Tampa Private InvestigatorsIf there is evidence of gross negligence or of willful, wanton or intentional conduct on the part of the employer or co-employees that contributed to the event, our licensed private detectives can be relied on to identify, verify and document facts in support of that theory.