Criminal Defense Consulting & Investigation

Specialized Investigative Support, Tampa Private Investigators have the experience to determine the credibility of evidence presented in a proceeding. 

Our founder, Glenn Hunter, has over thirty years experience as a Criminal Investigator for an urban Police Department.  He led investigations that involved accusations of Homicide, Child Abuse, Criminal Sexual Conduct, Complex Financial Crimes, Assault, Kidnapping, Robbery, Burglary, Mortgage Fraud, Contractor Fraud, Check Fraud and numerous other types of cases ranging from the routine to high profile. 

Over the years Mr. Hunter has read and studied tens of thousands of police reports. With this experience he is able to recognize any weaknesses that may exist in the reports.  Police officers are human and make honest mistakes.  They typically document information they feel is important and disregard details that they don’t find to be noteworthy.  This is a necessary editing tool to keep the report concise and manageable. However, some officers tend to include personal opinions and conclusions in their reports and this can be valuable when properly identified as such.  The problem arises when the line between fact and opinion is blurred or doesn’t exist or when the officer’s conclusion is the result of a factual misinterpretation or misleading observation.  Mr. Hunter has the experience to detect such issues of credibility and identify other inconsistencies that could be used to illustrate grounds for reasonable doubt.

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