Product Liability Investigation

A thorough investigation by Specialized Investigative Support's Private Investigators can have a significant affect on the outcome of a complex Product Liability case.

Manufacturers are responsible to:

  • Examine a design for potential hazards.
  • Identify any existing hazards.
  • Eliminate the hazard, if possible.
  • Guard against the hazard.
  • If unable to effectively guard against the hazard, they must warn of the hazard.
    • The warning must be adequate.

Specialized Investigative Support private detectives are trained to identify and document evidence of a manufacture’s failure to comply with any step of this engineering and design philosophy.

Defects in design, manufacturing and marketing are other areas our Investigators are trained to examine. We understand that if a defect is the result of a plan, it is a design defect and if it is unplanned it is a manufacturing defect. This distinction can be especially critical when the designer and manufacturer are not the same business entity. We understand that in some cases it is not enough to show that a design is defective, but also prove that it is unreasonably dangerous as designed or not safe for its intended, or reasonably foreseeable use.

Specialized Investigative Support Investigators also look at the Seller. As long as the seller is engaged in the business of selling such a product exposure is possible even if the seller has exercised all possible care in the preparation and sale of the product. Exposure to the seller extends beyond the original purchaser to any user of the product even if the user did not buy the product from the seller or enter into a contractual relation with the seller. In theory this could include a product purchased at a garage sale or flee market as long as it’s within the time limits imposed by the applicable stature of repose.

When given the opportunity, SIS investigators are trained to run with the ball and find evidence in the least likely spots.

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