Insurance Investigation in Support of the Plaintiff's Attorney Insurance Investigation Tampa Bay Florida Private Investigators and Detectives

Specalized Investigative Support, Tampa Florida private Investigators are experts in insurance investigation. Our experenced detectives conduct scene investigations, witness interviews, and obtain recorded statements. We collect the evidence necessary for effective litigation.

Specialized Investigative Support is uniquely positioned to be of significant benefit to the Plaintiff’s Attorney in any Insurance related investigation. 

Our Lead Investigator, Glenn Hunter, has worked as an agent in the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of a major insurance carrier.  He benefited from the close relationship he enjoyed with Claims Adjusters representing a wide variety of coverage lines.  This experience has given Mr. Hunter a unique understanding of the priorities, practices and operational parameters of the Claims Profession and the investigative input that will most likely have a propitious influence on the decision process. 

Mr. Hunter personally handles or supervises all insurance related investigations.

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Scene Investigation

Photographs, measurements, diagrams and samples taken and secured by trained and experienced investigators.  We will also search for and secure, if found, any other evidence specified by the client. 


Our investigators understand the importance of identifying alternate sources of liability and remain aware of this prospect while involved with the other with aspects of the investigation. 

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