Worker's Compensation Investigations,Tampa Private InvestigatorsWorker's Compensation Investigations

Specialized Investigative Support Tampa Private detectives provide our clients with the facts of an insurance claim through use of witness statements, interviews, surveillance and informational research. 

Our lead investigator was employed in the SIU of a major insurance company and has acquired a unique understanding of the needs inherent to the industry.  If there is reason to believe that an individual is fraudulently receiving funds from a workers compensation, personal injury, general liability or property claim SIS will assist in bringing the claim to a swift conclusion.

We strive to find the most cost effective way to determine the validity of a claim.  Surveillance is only one of the techniques we employ to document the activities of a claimant.  We search aggressively for other ways a subject may be exaggerating a claim.  One of the most common aspects of fraud in a workers compensation claim is a subject receiving other income while being paid disability.  We utilize a vast array of subscription, proprietary, and public sources as well as other techniques to gather as much information about the subject as we can.  This may include asset searches, workers compensation history, any businesses registered to them or their family and property information.  We keep you informed of the progress of the case and provide accurate, detailed reports.

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