Pre-Employment Screening & Background Checks

The thoroughness of a pre-employment background investigation is dependent on the concerns and sensitivity of the hiring entity. The scope of a background investigation can range from a cursory criminal history check, to a Comprehensive Investigation.

Comprehensive Investigation:

  • Full Database check, including criminal history
  • Personal contact with all references
  • Employment history verified by contact with current and all previous employers
  • Verification of academic credentials:
    • Obtain certified transcript; verified by direct contact with the issuing institution
    • Authentication of the institution's accreditation status
  • On-site search of the Civil Court records for each county in which the subject has resided with-in the last seven years (limited to within 100-mile radius of Tampa, FL)
    • On-site searches outside of the local area will be conducted only at the direction of the employer, additional charges will apply.
  • Letters  sent to each of the Law Enforcement Agencies in which the person has resided within the last fifteen years requesting copies of all reports that pertain to the individual.
  • Neighborhood Canvas
  • Impromptu investigation of any new or unexpected information learned from the preceding inquires

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