Employee Theft Investigations

Specalized Investigative Support's founder Glenn Hunter specializes in employee fraud, theft and embezzlement cases. He  provides our business clients the evidence and documentation necessary to determine not only if an employee has been stealing, but also how much they have taken.  He is trained and experienced in interview and interrogation techniques that increase the probability of an admission from the subject.

Admission Seeking Interviews

 The goal of this interviewing method is to conduct an admission-seeking conversation with an employee to provide evidence in the form of a verbal and/or written admission of responsibility for  dishonest acts or company violations.  SIS’s founder, Glenn Hunter, has received professional training through the John E. Reid interview-training institute complimented by years of experience.  He will personally handle all such interviews to make certain that they are done in an ethical and legally prudent manner that will ensure admissibility in any subsequent court proceeding.        

Informational Interviews

In this type of interview questions are specifically designed for use with multiple employees in order to narrow down the suspect list or learn the actual state of affairs that currently exist at your business.